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  • Where is the event being held?
    Thoroughbred Park, Racecourse Road, Canberra
  • When is the event on?
    Stay tuned for the 2025 dates!
  • How do I enter my car?
    To enter your car you need to complete an application HERE
  • Why wasn’t my car accepted?
    Unfortunately, we are looking for unique cars to be on display. Your vehicle doesn’t meet this requirement. We do hope to see you there as a spectator to enjoy the rare and exotic vehicles on display.
  • How can I drive my car on the circuit? What is the circuit?
    To be a Circuit entrant you need to complete an application selecting the circuit entrant ticket. The exhibition circuit offers circuit entrants the opportunity to drive and showcase their vehicle during the event.
  • Can I enter my car on the day?
    No, entries are only available online before the event. Entries are likely to sell out prior to the event.
  • What do I get with my ticket?
    There are many different ticket offerings for the event, including access to the Platinum marquees with food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Where can I purchase my tickets?
    You can purchase tickets online or at the gate.
  • What is the program?
    Our program is continually updated, check it out here
  • Where do non entrants park?
    General public parking will be located adjacent to the event for a $10 donation. You can also take the light rail to the Flemington Road stop which is included as part of your ticket.
  • How do I register my club?
    To register your club each owner needs to complete an application and nominate your club HERE
  • Do I need a ticket for my child?
    Children 10 and under are free, however ages 11 to 17 need a child ticket.
  • What is included in the family ticket?
    2 Adults and 2 children.
  • How do i get access to the infield?
    Track infield access is available to all ticket holders.
  • Where do I pick up my pre ordered merch?
    Head to the official Festival of Speed Canberra merchandise tent.
  • How do I become a sponsor or trader?
    Register for a be a sponsor or exhibitor HERE
  • How do I get a media pass?
    Complete an application for media HERE
  • Can I get a media pass with track access?
    Official event media have track access, general media have access throughout the venue.
  • How do I get involved?
    Register to volunteer at the event HERE
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